Long Distance Transport


We understand that sometimes it may be difficult take a loved one who may be injured or handicap in a normal sedan vehicle, especially for a long period of time.

That is why here at Affinity Transit, we offer long distance transport for non-emergency situations and for those who are looking for a long distance comfortable ride.

Our medical units are fully equipped to meet your needs and ensure the most comfortable ride. Whether you are restricted to your bed or you can sit up, our team members will make the necessary accommodations to ensure you have the most comfortable trip!

Unlike a typical ambulance service, our long distance vehicles are configured for comfortable transport of patients who can not walk or sit up for extended periods of time.

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You can rest assured that your loved ones will be receiving the highest level of quality service and care. If you would like to travel with your loved one, that is also an option we have to offer!

If you have any questions about what cities we can transport to, please visit our contact page or give us a call to receive more information! (818) 800-4777

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