Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your normal business hours?

Monday – Friday 7:00am to 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 7:00pm

Are you closed for the holidays?

No. We are open every holiday including Christmas and New Years. However, if you need a trip during a holiday, we recommend calling as soon as possible as we do have limited availability and time slots. Be aware that we also have a holiday fee in order to keep our operations running efficiently. Holiday hours may also vary.

What are your areas of coverage?

We operate mainly in the following areas:

San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Coastal Cities & more. If your location is not listed above, give us a call. We still may be able to help you with our services!

What are Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services (NEMT)?

Non-emergency services is a new sub-industry that has become very popular within the last few years in the ambulance industry. These services may not require immediate intervention but still, require the need to do something like transfer assistance and more. Oftentimes, it is used by those who cannot use public or private transportation because of injuries or inability.


How do your services differ from other ambulance companies?

Our services are non-emergency, meaning we provide services for those who are in stable condition. Oftentimes, we find that patients do not need EMS to take them to doctor appointments. That is where we come in, our prices are a fraction of an actual EMS company but we have the tools, equipment, and trained staff to safely transport patients to where they need to go!


Do you provide transport for patients that are going far away?

Yes, We offer long-distance transportation. You can find information on our long-distance page under services. If you still have questions, give us a call for more information! (818) 800-4777


 Are you able to take my family members belongings with them?

Yes. If necessary, we can take a client’s belongings with us. However, we are limited to the number of things we can take if certain belongings are too large and do not fit in our vehicle. 


Do you provide transportation equipment?

Yes, All equipment needed is provided by us. We provide wheelchairs for clients who may need them just for transport. However, we are unable to leave wheelchairs with patients at their drop-off location. Stretchers and stair chairs are provided with our service as well.


 Can you take my loved ones to wherever they want to go?

Yes, If you wish to spend the day with them at grandma’s house, grocery shopping, at a family gathering, etc. We can transport your loved one to most, if not all locations you may want to take them to.


Do you allow service animals and emotional support animals?

Yes, we allow service animals and emotional support animals on board.


Does Affinity Transit have team members that communicate in another language?

Yes, most of our staff is actually bilingual in English and Spanish.

Do you have space for extra passengers to ride along with the patient?

Yes, we can guarantee at least one seat for a family member or friend that would like to ride with the patient. If more than one seat is required then that will need to be requested when the trip is being booked with one of our representatives and we will do our best to accommodate more seats.


Do you transport patients in isolation?

Yes, our units and staff are properly equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to minimize exposure to any disease. Our vehicles are also cleaned daily and checked to ensure safety for all after each trip.


How do we know our family members will be safe and secure in the vehicle?

All of our vehicles are equipped with locking mechanisms for all levels of service. This keeps our equipment locked in place and also comes with seat belts for patients. Our well-trained staff has also been properly trained with protocols in case an emergency comes up during transport. 


Are you able to take my family members belongings with them?

Yes. If necessary, we can take a client’s belongings with us. However, we are limited to the number of things we can take if certain belongings are too large and do not fit in our vehicle. 

How do we arrange transportation?

You can easily arrange transportation by calling our main line at (818) 800-4777From there, you will be connected with a team member who can assist you with all you need in setting up a service!


How long in advance do we have to arrange transportation?

If you need a trip at a specific time and day, it would be best to arrange transportation as soon as possible (at least two weeks in advance) to secure a particular time. If no specific time is needed, we often have time slots available on the same day but be aware that it all depends on the availability and how fast our routes get booked. Often times our routes begin to be completely booked the same day by 5 pm.


When is your first and last pick up of the day?

We often do advanced scheduled trips (e.g. dialysis appointments) starting at about 2:00am to 3:00am and typically send all units home by about 9pm.


What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that if for any reason you need to cancel your services, we are given at least 3 hours in advance to avoid any type of cancellation fee. If canceled within 3 hours of the transportation, we are required to charge a cancellation fee.

How is payment handled for my trip? Can Affinity Transit bill insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not work with any insurance at the moment. Affinity Transit only takes credit cards and cash payments. 

What is the price range of Affinity’s services?

Our prices vary depending on circumstances and several factors. To list a few: mileage, round trip, one-way, level of service, etc. However, to give a good idea of what to expect, our average client spends between $200-$300 on transportation services. To receive a unique quote for your specific trip, give us a call at your best convenience! (818) 800-4777

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For any other questions you may have, leave us a message in our contact us tab and get a response within 1-2 business days. For the fastest response, call us at (818) 800-4777 and our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

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