A Look at the Electric Powered Stair Chair: How Do They Work?

Electric Powered Stair Chairs - An Overview

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Electric Powered Stair Chairs: An Overview:

Did you know that 1 in 7 US citizens have mobility issues? If you are having trouble getting around your own home, then you may start to find it demoralizing. But did you know you can get help with an electric powered stair chair?

When you want to get up and downstairs, assistance is available. Read on as we discuss why you should consider an electric powered stair chair.

What Is an Electric Powered Stair Chair?

An electric powered stair chair is often referred to as a stair lift. Installed on a staircase, it moves up and down the steps using a motorized system. All the rider needs to do is take a seat and then operate the system using a button.

These devices are excellent if you have a household that contains people with mobility issues, such as the elderly or disabled. Many also have call buttons to operate the chair even if you are not sitting on it. These are advised if you have multi-person occupancy with several people who need to use it.

Types of Electric Powered Stair Chairs

There is a range of electric chair lifts available. Not all electric powered stair chairs suit each staircase, or may have different types of uses. Below are the main types of electric powered stair chairs you may consider.


These are the models of electric powered stair chairs you will normally see. Used on straight staircases, they travel up and down easily and quickly. These types are best for those who can still walk but struggle with the elevation of the staircase.

Standard models often use an existing rail that needs little modification. Fixed to the staircase instead of the wall, they are often the most affordable option.

Power will come from mains electricity. They should have a backup in case the power attached to them fails.

A Standard Stair Chair Life


These are almost the same as a standard. However, the rail they are on curves as it lowers or rises. Certain rounded staircases may require these.

With this option, it is likely they will have to be custom-made to order. Most of them will work on a rechargeable battery, which will fill when the chair is at the top or bottom of the rail.


Both of the above electric powered stair chairs can come with the option to be perch or standing. Unlike others that have seating, these are ideal for people who find sitting or getting up and down uncomfortable.

They will feature support that can adjust to fit under the bottom. A seatbelt holds the person in place for safety, so they can undo it and then step off at the end.


A platform motorized chair stair allows a person on a mobility scooter or wheelchair to move up staircases. They ride onto the platform and it operates in the same way as other chairlifts. However, they only work on large, wide staircases.

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Chair Lift

Before you purchase a home stair lift, there are several considerations you must undertake. If you are unsure, then it helps to book an appointment with a specialist who will have a better idea of the options available to you.

Electric or Battery?

Some chairs have a battery, others get powered by the mains, and some use both. The only major problem with an electric-only one is that if the power goes out, you may be left on the chair. Therefore, many have a backup battery to get you where you need to be.

Standard or Heavy Duty?

If you are of a bigger size and stature, you may need a reinforced stairlift that can hold larger weights. A standard device is capable of holding around 300 pounds. Heavy-duty ones can hold between 500 to 600 pounds.

What Is the Budget?

Finally, work out what your budget will be. Like any product, different brands and types of stair chairs have varied pricing structures. If you need a custom-built model for odd-shaped staircases, then expect the cost to increase.

At the lower end of the scale, you can expect a chair stair and installation to set you back around $2500. For bigger and more complex installations, budgets can be $5000 or even above.

Deciding on a Seat Type

One of the biggest decisions is to decide on the type of seat you want. Once you have the type of chair stair, you will then find lots of designs that can accommodate your needs.

You don’t have to choose normal seating. If you have space issues on a narrow staircase, then you can have a fold-up seat. This allows access to the staircase and does not prevent others from using it.

Other options are swivel seats. This will turn in the outward direction, allowing easier access. Before the movement, the chair will then move back in toward the staircase.

Using a Electric Stair Chair Lift

Renting or Buying?

Many places will have offers where you can rent a stairlift. This usually is worthwhile if you have a straight staircase, as it can then be taken out and installed elsewhere.

This is a good option if you plan to move on at a later date. Perhaps you may be considering moving to a one-level house or into senior accommodation. It may also be good if you don’t have the budget for an outright installation.

Getting Help

Now you know your options when it comes to an electric powered stair chair, get help. An expert will guide you in the right direction. They will be able to advise what is best for your needs and even organize a home visit.

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