Benefits of an Electric Stair Chair

Electric Stair Chair

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According to a recent survey, about 40% of American adults struggle to climb up and down stairs to some degree.

The vast majority of these people have a tough time getting up and down stairs because they’re out of shape. But some of them also find that getting up and down stairs is too difficult due to mobility issues.

If you’re one of these people, you might benefit from using an electric stair chair in a big way in certain instances. If, for example, you’re involved in a non-emergency medical situation and need to get up and down stairs, it’ll help to have a stair chair around.

Today, we’re going to talk about the many benefits of installing a stair chair and putting it to good use. Continue reading to see how this type of stair chair can work to your advantage.

Makes It Possible for People to Move Up and Down Stairs Fast

As we just alluded to, there are people out there who cannot move up and down stairs with ease. In some cases, this can make it almost impossible for them to navigate a staircase when they are, say, trying to get to a dialysis appointment or getting discharged from a hospital.

An electric stair chair makes it possible for these people to move up and down stairs. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) can sit people down on an electric stair chair and take them up and down stairs fast without encountering any major issues.

Ensures People Stay Safe While Moving Up and Down Stairs

Electric stair chairs aren’t the only pieces of equipment used to take people up and down stairs. But many of the other forms of equipment that can do this won’t always keep people as safe as possible.

An electric stair chair will pretty much guarantee that people will stay safe when EMTs are moving them up and down stairs. They’ll be able to get strapped in so that they don’t go anywhere while they’re moving from point A to point B.

Prevents People From Having to Do Anything as They’re Moved Up and Down Stairs

The people who are put in electric stair chairs and moved up and down stairs aren’t usually strong and mobile enough to provide much assistance. All that they can do is sit and wait for EMTs to transport them up and down stairs in their electric stair chairs.

But that’s OK because another one of the benefits of electric stair chairs is that they don’t require the people who are in them to do anything. All they have to do is sit quietly and wait for EMTs to move them around.

Enables EMTs to Move People With Injuries Up and Down Stairs

More often than not, those who are put into electric stair chairs and moved up and down stairs in them won’t have injuries. They will simply need the assistance of an electric stair chair and a couple of EMTs to help them move around.

But every so often, there will be people strapped into electric stair chairs who have sustained injuries. There will also sometimes be people who have lingering injuries that are still healing who will be put in electric stair chairs.

When these situations arise, a big benefit of using an electric stair chair to move people around is that it won’t impact their injuries. As long as EMTs take the right approach to using electric stair chairs, they can get people to where they need to be unscathed.

Allows EMTs Using Electric Stair Chairs to Focus On Other Things

When EMTs have a person in an electric stair chair, they’re obviously going to spend at least some time focused on getting the chair up and down stairs. But that won’t be the only thing they’re focused on.

EMTs will also need to monitor the condition of those in an electric stair chair and see to it that they’re in good health. They need to monitor all of their surroundings as well to ensure that they’re able to get a person to their final destination without running into any roadblocks.

An electric stair chair will allow EMTs to focus on all of these things at once. They aren’t going to have to worry about how they’re going to get a person up and down stairs, which will free up some of their time to focus on more important aspects of things.

Works Well in a Variety of Different Situations

There isn’t just one specific situation when EMTs can use electric stair chairs to assist people in getting up and down stairs. There are dozens of scenarios in which it would make all the sense in the world for EMTs to pull electric stair chairs out.

EMTs can get someone who suffered a medical issue in an apartment building down the stairs in it. They can also help someone who was discharged from a hospital to make their way down a flight of steps.

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to how electric stair chairs can be utilized. It’s just one more reason why those who work in the medical field should strongly consider investing in them.

Embrace the Benefits of an Electric Stair Chair Today

Getting up and down stairs is something that challenges a lot of older and mobility impaired people every single day. It can make it hard for these people to get the medical care that they need in some instances.

These people can benefit from medical professionals having an electric stair chair on hand at all times. It’ll let them enjoy all the benefits that come with using an electric stair chair to navigate stairways.

Contact us for more information on the electric stair chair lift assistance devices that we can provide for you.

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