Managing Injury in a Mobile Environment – Tips for Stretcher Transport

Stretcher Transport

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It is estimated that 13.7% of adults in the US have mobility issues that make walking difficult. In a mobile world, this can make basic things like going to a doctor’s appointment very difficult.

Stretch your transportation services offer the perfect option for those with mobility issues. Stretcher transport is perfect for those who may be bedbound or need transportation in non-emergencies.

If you have difficulty walking or going up or downstairs, basic errands can be difficult. You may struggle to get to important appointments to get blood work done or see your doctor.

Keep reading to learn how to use stretcher transport and NEMT service options.

What Is Stretcher Transportation Used for

The stretcher transport at Affinity Transit is used for non-emergency medical transportation. It is a service that allows people to get to important medical appointments if they have mobility problems.

Unlike ambulances, this is a service that is not for emergencies, so you won’t be using valuable resources. Stretcher transportation services provide the perfect option if you need help getting around.

Most people use a NEMT service if they have a surgeon consultation, doctor’s appointment, or tests that need doing. These are things that they may otherwise not be able to get to on their own.

How Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport Works

There are several different kinds of non-emergency medical transportation to choose from. This is because some people need a different kind of stretcher transport for their mobility needs.

The option that you require will depend on how able-bodied you are. If you don’t know which option to choose, you can always ask one of the experts what they would recommend for you.

Door-Through-Door Transportation

One common option is door-through-door transportation for patients who are incapacitated. This includes people who are bedbound or unable to move without any assistance.

This could include people who are morbidly obese, elderly people, or those with severe disabilities. The driver will enter your home and help move the patient onto a stretcher to safely take them to the vehicle.

This same process will happen once you reach your destination. The driver will remove you and the stretcher and take you into the building where you need to go.

Something to keep in mind is that your home will need to be easily accessible for the driver. They will need to be able to enter the home and leave it with the stretcher without any issues occurring.

Bariatric Transportation

Something you may need to consider is the option of bariatric transportation. This is a type of non-emergency medical transportation designed for those with obesity and health issues.

A special bariatric stretcher will be used, and the vehicle will be equipped for this kind of transport. The driver will also be available for any additional care that the patient may need.

This could include things like helping them in or out of the vehicle. It is important to keep in mind that this NEMT service does cost a bit more than other options.

You should also discuss bariatric transport with the NEMT service to see if any extra measures need to be taken.

Curb-to-Curb Transportation

Another type of stretcher transport is curb-to-curb transportation. This is when you must move to the curb of your home to wait for the driver to arrive.

The driver will be able to help you enter the vehicle onto the stretcher, but they will not enter your home. They will also not help you into the building where you are being dropped off.

The driver will drop you off at that curb just like they picked you up at your curb. This is a good option for those who have mobility issues but are still relatively independent.

Benefits of Stretcher Transportation

There are so many benefits to stretcher transportation services. This is the perfect option for non-emergency situations where you need assistance but you don’t need an ambulance.

Ambulances can be extremely expensive and are really only designed for emergencies. They are not meant to be used for those with mobility issues unless it is an actual medical emergency.


One of the biggest benefits of stretcher transport is how safe it is. When you have mobility issues, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when getting to medical appointments.

You may run the risk of falling or tripping if you are trying to get there yourselves. Even if you have friends or family to help you, they are not trained medical professionals.

If you are bedbound, finding a way to get to your appointments yourself can be almost impossible. Stretcher transportation provides a medical option for people who are trained in this job.

They will be able to pick you up and get you to your destination safely and on time.


Being able to hire a NEMT service is much more convenient than other options. You don’t have to call an ambulance or try to set up a trip with a family member or a taxi.

It is also very simple to set up this service when you have an appointment to get to.

Stretcher Transport in a Mobile Environment

Hiring stretcher transport can be the best option for those with mobility problems. The world is not designed for those who have these disabilities, which can make getting around difficult.

Do you need to hire a NEMT service? Contact us today at Affinity Transit to request a transportation quote.

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