Why Door-to-Door Travel Is Essential for Senior Transportation

Door-to-Door Senior Transportation

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The US Census Bureau estimates that there are 56 million adults over the age of 65 in the US. This makes up 16.9% of the entire nation’s population.

If you have senior parents, you may be worried about senior transportation. This is a very common issue that adult children face once their parents face health issues.

The good news is that door-to-door transportation is an option. This is the perfect option if your senior parents need mobility assistance you can’t provide.

Keep reading to find out how door-to-door senior transportation helps the elderly.

Helps Bedridden Patients

A lot of seniors may struggle to go to important appointments as they age. A very common part of aging that people experience is mobility difficulties.

Some people even become bedbound if they have other health problems. For instance, bariatric patients often struggle with mobility to the point of being bedbound.

Transportation for Bedridden Patients

This makes it impossible for them to get up and go to important appointments. They may have a medical visit but have no way of actually getting to the doctor.

As the child, it is not safe for you to try to help your parent who is bedbound. You most likely do not have the manpower to move them safely without injuring yourself.

This is where bariatric transportation comes in handy. Companies like Affinity Transit offer non-emergency senior transportation for those who need it.

This includes door-to-door travel, where the driver helps get your parent to where they need to go. They will pick them up directly at their home and drop them off at the doctor’s office.

Reduces Needed Assistance

Another great benefit of this type of senior transportation is the medical care. You are most likely not in a position where you can safely transport your loved one.

They may have significant mobility issues, making it hard to get around. This is very common in seniors as they age and lose dexterity and balance.

This becomes a dangerous situation for you and them if you try to help them yourself. If they were to trip and fall, they may take you down with them.

Hiring professional non-emergency senior transportation is a much safer option. Professionals will help your loved one get to where they need to go.

Prevents Isolation

One benefit to consider about senior transportation is that it helps prevent isolation. Isolation is a huge problem when it comes to seniors with limited mobility.

They have most likely reached a point where they can no longer drive themselves. This can be very isolating as they can no longer go out and do things.

They may rely entirely upon you to transport them to where they need to go. The problem is that you may not have the time to do this every week.

Senior Transportation Prevents Senior Isolation

Seniors often have several medical visits that they have to attend on a monthly basis. Hiring senior transportation is the perfect solution for both of you.

Your loved one will be able to get to all of the appointments they need to go to. They won’t be completely dependent on you, so your schedules don’t always have to align.

This helps them to regain a little bit of their independence even if they can’t drive themselves.

Reduces Risks

Transporting seniors can be very difficult, depending on their mobility. If they have very minimal mobility, this can be next to impossible.

You most likely do not have the equipment to help them get around safely. Non-emergency senior transportation offers door-to-door transportation with medical gear.

The driver is able to come up right to their home and pick them up. This can be done with a medical bed or a wheelchair depending on the situation.

Non-emergency transport reduces any risks of them falling and injuring themselves. It also makes the trip much more comfortable so it can actually be an enjoyable experience.

This is especially important if they are having a procedure done at their appointment. They may be going for dialysis, chemo, or other treatments that deplete their energy.

These treatments can make it even more dangerous to get back home. Having medical equipment ensures they will stay safe and can rest on their way back.

Limits Stress

As an adult child, you may be facing the difficulty of having senior parents. This is something that most people have to face at some point, but it is still overwhelming.

Suddenly your parents are the ones in need of your help and not the other way around. If they have health conditions, this makes the situation even more difficult.

You most likely do not have the resources to properly take care of them. This can make senior living very difficult as both of you may feel stressed out.

Reduces Senior Stress

Hiring non-emergency senior transportation is a great way to reduce some of this stress. It takes the weight off your shoulders regarding getting your loved one around.

It also reduces some of your caretaking work so that you can focus on being a support system for your parent.

Door-to-Door Travel: Senior Transportation Options

If your parent is a senior with mobility problems, you may be worried about transportation. Door-to-door travel is the best option if your parent needs mobility assistance.

Non-emergency transportation helps your parent to get to where they need to go. They can get to their medical treatments and doctors’ appointments in a safer way.

Do you need non-emergency transportation for your loved one? Contact us today at Affinity Transit to request a quote.

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