7 Benefits of Using Medical Transportation to Get to Appointments

The Benefits of Medical Transportation

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Did you know that almost nine in 10 seniors opt to say in their homes and communities rather than go to assisted living facilities?

But of the 600,000 older people who stop driving annually, most are forced to rely on an unreliable public transportation system. So, it’s harder for them to get to and from healthcare appointments.

That’s one reason it makes sense to access medical transportation to get to appointments. Do you want to know what the advantages are?

Keep reading to see seven benefits of using medical transportation.

1. It’s Accessible

One reason using medical transportation makes sense is that it’s accessible. If you have mobility issues and require a wheelchair, walker, or some other means of mobility assistance, you’ll be accommodated with medical transport service.

Wheelchair Accessible

Do you get rides from family or friends? It can be difficult to get in and out of their vehicles. And if you have a wheelchair, it might not be easy to load it into the vehicle. Traveling in a car might make for an uncomfortable trip.

When you travel in a non emergency medical transportation vehicle, you’ll have an affordable and comfortable means to get to and from appointments. These vehicles are equipped to accommodate people with disabilities.

2. It’s More Liberating

You’ll also enjoy greater independence if you book NEMT services.

Even if you have family or friends who are willing to take you to and from healthcare appointments, you might not want to put them out of their way. Hiring a service provider that provides transportation services is a good option.

3. It’s Cheaper Than an Ambulance Ride

One of the worst things you can do is skip necessary doctor’s appointments simply because you can’t get a ride. Getting to appointments is especially vital if you have medical conditions that require follow-up visits and checkups.

It’s much more cost-effective to book medical transportation than to neglect proper medical care, suffer a healthcare emergency, and have to call for an ambulance. You’re better off paying less for medical transportation.

Cheaper Than an Ambulance Ride

If you’ve ever had to call an ambulance, you know that it can be costly. It’s better to book medical transportation than to encounter a medical emergency.

4. It Provides Peace of Mind

If you need to get to medical appointments using public transportation, you might find the experience stressful. That’s especially the case if you have mobility issues that require you to use a mobility aid like a wheelchair.

You might be nervous about using buses or trains. Getting to the transit pickup spots can be hard. But so, too, can boarding these public transport vehicles.

The stress might be so great that you choose to skip needed appointments. But one of the benefits of NEMT is that you’ll have door-to-door service.

The medical transportation vehicle will be equipped with a ramp or a lift for easy access. So, getting to and from healthcare appointments won’t be a chore. You won’t have to worry about climbing steps or crossing streets.

It’s hard to place a price on peace of mind. But the good news is that booking medical transportation service will be more cost-effective than you think.

5. It Can Help You Age in Place

While there’s nothing wrong with moving into a nursing home or assisted living center, you might prefer to live independently in your own home. That’s a phenomenon known as aging in place. And more seniors are choosing to do it.

But if you’re unable to get to and from necessary medical appointments, it might be harder to achieve this objective. You might even be putting yourself at risk and jeopardizing your health by staying in your residence.

One of the benefits of NEMT services is that you’ll be better able to meet your healthcare needs. And that’ll be the case even if you don’t have a car or anyone to help in this regard.

You’ll be able to age in place, if that’s what you want. Whether you stay in your home or move into a facility at a senior should be entirely up to you. Having access to medical transportation can help make aging in place possible.

6. It Can Help if You’re Injured

Another reason to consider medical transportation is if you’re injured and can’t drive your own car. So, you might still have a license and a car. But if you have just had surgery or have a cast, you might not be able to drive your car safely.

Wheelchair Injury

If you’re going to a follow-up appointment after surgery, using NEMT services can be a godsend. It’s the sort of backup plan you can count on when you’re physically unable to drive your own car and don’t want to ask family for help.

7. It’s Safe

Medical transportation vehicles are safe. They’re built and outfitted in a way that will make your trip to and from doctor’s appointments problem-free.

Many of the people who work aboard NEMT services vehicles have healthcare experience. So, you’ll be in good hands.

We Offer Medical Transportation

If you need help getting to medical appointments and don’t wish to be a burden to friends and loved ones, seeking an NEMT service provider makes sense.

At Affinity Transport, we specialize in providing medical transportation services whether you need to visit your doctor or go to a hospital for treatment.

We offer properly equipped vehicles, professional drivers, and great door-to-door service. For the assistance you need, get in touch to receive a quote. We’re here to help.

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